Email Sandbox

Capture SMTP traffic from staging and dev environments. Easily validate email content text or HTML/CSS. Utilize an Email Sandbox to thoroughly examine and troubleshoot emails within staging, development, and quality assurance (QA) environments prior to sending them to recipients in the production phase. This ensures thorough testing and debugging processes before final delivery.

No credit card required.


Email Testing Challenges Resolved by MailMug

Configure email testing environment within 5 minutes

Just copy and paste the integration code or SMTP credentials from your account.

Analyze email content and source code

Easily find email issues by digging into email content.

Share email testing data

You can share the email content URL or .eml file with your team.


$0 /Month

  • 600 emails
  • 2 Inboxes
  • 100 Emails / inbox
  • Header Info


$5 /Month

  • 3000 emails
  • 5 Inboxes
  • 500 Emails / inbox
  • Header Info


$15 /Month

  • 7000 emails
  • 15 Inboxes
  • 1500 Emails / inbox
  • Header Info