Laravel mail to log file, instead of actually being sent. The Laravel email log file is stored in storage/logs/laravel.log file.

Laravel Mail Log Example:

Laravel mail to log file

How To Enable Email Log From Laravel?

Edit .env file MAIL_MAILER and LOG_CHANNEL variable. Then clear the cache and start testing.

# No need to change other variables 

Give correct permission to the storage folder. sudo chmod -R 777 /path-to/storage/

Clear Config Cache From Laravel

You can clear the Laravel config cache by terminal command.

php artisan config:clear

How Check Mail Config Data Changed or Not?

Add dd(config('mail')); in the controller method and navigate the route for this method. Then you can see the output as the following image.

Sample Code To Check Laravel Email Log

Add the following code in the route web.php file or controller method. Then navigate the URL to send an email. Example URL:

Finally, You can check data from storage/logs/laravel.log file.

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Mail;

Route::get('send-email', function(){
    Mail::send([], [], function ($compose)  {
            ->subject('MailMug Contact')
            ->setBody('Hi, welcome user!');


Disadvantages of Laravel Email Log

  • Difficult to test email data
  • HTML preview is not possible
  • All data is saved to the .log file

How To Easily Debug Emails From Laravel?

Use an SMTP sandbox account like It provides a free SMTP sandbox account. It is capturing SMTP traffic from your local or online server. You can analyze email body text/html and email header data.

SMTP Sandbox

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